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Our Approach

At Keys to Music STUDIO, we strive:

 To equip our Students with the skills and technique to master the instrument

 To integrate a thorough understanding of Harmony into the curriculum, to enable the Students to become proficient at arranging their own music, and developing improvisation skills

 To develop our Students’ confidence and self-esteem by encouraging and promoting their participation in concerts, soirees, festivals, competitions and exams

 To nurture our Students’ innate creativity in the Song-Writing classes, by providing a structured, guided approach to writing their own music

 To develop an appreciation and love for Music. To this end, our Students are encouraged to spend time listening to Music. The Studio facilitates a unique  guided listening programme to those who are interested. Further, Students and their parents are kept informed of Concerts (JPO etc) which they are encouraged to attend



"Without Music, life would be a mistake"
- Nietzsche


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